OZKOMP Compressor, performs its operations on the basis of safety as a priority for the consumers. In every stage of compressor production, OZKOMP Compressor has gained its reliability of today, with utmost care to safety. OZKOMP compressors, all of which have CE certification, are subjected to safety tests such as the Machinery Directive (2006/42 / EC) and the Low Voltage Directive (2006/95 / EC) due to this certification. OZKOMP, who has always set out with better thought; to produce durable, quality and safe products under TS EN ISO 12100 and TS EN 60204-1 2006 / A1: 2009 standards.


It is undesirable that the machines that spend certain sums and are purchased by consumers will disrupt the production line with an unforeseen failure. Mechanical systems are required by working efficiently and production line, without disrupting the workflow, is able to continue. The most important factors for a machine not to undergo any decrease in efficiency rate are; preventive maintenance (proactive maintenance) and periodic maintenance (preventive maintenance). During the periodic maintenance, the worn parts will be maintained at the efficiency obtained from the machine by periodic change. It is a very important criterion to have the same characteristics as the technical capacity of the worn parts which need to be changed in these periodic maintenances. If the parts to be replaced do not have the same technical capacity characteristics that it may cause to unforeseen failures. With our spare parts which is having ISO 9001 certificates, the percentage of such unforeseen failures is reduced to a minimum level and the probability of failure of the workflow is eliminated.


• Thanks to our ISO 9001 quality spare parts, you get the best performance and life from your compressor.
• You will not experience surprise work interruptions with original spare parts, and you will get the same efficiency from your compressor on the first day.
• Spare parts with the same technical characteristics will keep both the generated air energy as well as the energy consumed and the inputs to be kept at minimum level.
• Thanks to our wide range of dealers and technical service network in Turkey, you can reach our spare parts of ISO 9001 quality wherever you are in Turkey. In order to your compressor to function as it was the first day, you should have periodic maintenance performed by our expert staff and use the original spare parts.
• In the use of non-original air filter, the air entering the cylinder and screw group may not be completely free from foreign particles which may damage the mechanical system. This will naturally cause abrasion on pistons and in cylinders that compresses the air, and will cause abrasion on rotor surfaces where high pressure is obtained by compressing the air in the screw group. In addition, the solution of these foreign particles which will cause irregularities in the opening valve of suction regulator is the use of the original air filter.
• In the use of the non-genuine oil filter, lubricating the screw pair which rotates at high speeds will not occur in full sense. This will cause the compressor to take the periodic maintenance time forward and cause unexpected stops in the work flow.
• If non-original lubricating oil is used, it will be blocked in oil filter and oil separator of the screw compressor. This will cause deficiencies in the lubrication of the mechanical system and will naturally lead to corrosion in parts where the lubrication is not complete. The material particles that break off as a result of corrosion will turn between the screw surfaces and cause abrasion, vibration and noise.And it will also take the periodic maintenance time to an earlier time. This early maintenance will cause unexpected job losses and extra parts replacement.


Our company, which has been in Ankara for more than 20 years with the production of air compressors, has provided customer satisfaction during this long period. With our domestic sales network and technical services that we provide our consumers with these services all over Turkey.