As the OZKOMP Compressor family, we have adopted to produce our own designs for more than 20 years. The desire to respond to the needs of the industrialised world has caused ,formation of the R & D department. R & D department of The OZKOMP Compressor continues its efforts to respond to changing industrial needs as well as documentation processes and to produce solutions to consumer problems.


After the formation of ideas that will make life easier for consumers, the realization of ideas is started. First of all, these ideas, which will provide convenience on behalf of the consumer, are designed and transferred to the computer environment by means of CAD programs to be exact with their actual size.


After being transferred to the computer environment, this design is subjected to some analysis in the computer environment to determine the behavior of the product in real time operating conditions. Advanced thermal analysis and flow analysis, especially static and dynamic strength, as well as advanced flow analysis and thermal analysis are repeated. In addition, machine parts which will work under high pressure and temperature will work under conditions of extreme thermal resistance and pressure strength, considering the working conditions, advanced flow and static analysis is applied to this product in the computer environment.


After extensive design and analysis studies and many details are predicted in the computer environment, the prototyping process is passed. As a result of these extensive computer-based analyzes, the problems encountered in the prototype phase of the product are reduced to the minimal level, and thus the highest efficiency is achieved in the product’s prototype stage.


After the design and analysis phases, our prototype device is subjected to real-time tests and behavior is determined by test devices.


Our company, which has been in Ankara for more than 20 years with the production of air compressors, has provided customer satisfaction during this long period. With our domestic sales network and technical services that we provide our consumers with these services all over Turkey.